There are two main areas of horse training that our program focuses on here at Bavarian Meadows. The first focus is halter breaking early of primarily younger horses from weanlings to yearlings. The second focus is saddle breaking or starting of long yearlings and two year olds. While we do focus on these three areas of training, we also work more specialized training on a case by case basis.

Halter Breaking and Early Development- 6 months to 2 years old

At the time a horse is weaned, about 6 months of age , there is a great opportunity to teach them basic leading and ground manners. While the horse is smaller in size, halter breaking and handling is much easier on the horse and the person.

Here are some of the daily routines of weanlings and yearlings in our program:

-halter breaking and leading

-standing tied

-grooming and bathes

-trailer loading

Approximate time in training- 30 to 60 days total.

Saddle Breaking- 2 to 4 year olds

When a horse has reached his tenth or eleventh month as a yearling or has just turned two years, he should be capable of starting the process of learning to accept a saddle and rider. This focus in a horse’s development should be taken slowly and carefully.

Here are some of the steps taken in the saddle starting of long yearlings and two year olds:

-basic groundwork

-long reining or driving

-saddling and first rides

-riding at walk, trot, and canter

Approximate time in training- 60 to 90 days total.

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